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May 2021

"Meddling Kids: Five Great Sleuths in Recent Middle Grade Mysteries" in Mystert & Suspense

September 2018

"6 Tips to Help Kids Come Out of Their Shells and Make New Friends in Middle School" in HCCB Medium

July 2014

"The Four Walled World" in The Huffington Post

August 2012

"The Odd Jobs of Authors" in The Enchanted Inkpot

September 2011

"Jacqueline West's Bookshelf" in 1 Bookshelf

April 2010

"The Renaissance Madrigal" in Renaissance Magazine, Issue #72

June 2009

"Room to Write" in Apollo's Lyre

July 2007

"Rest in Peace - A dead man makes amends in the Rep's poignant Carousel"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Paper Trail - Jane Hammond makes a medium her own"
Arts review, Isthmus

"Have Mercy - A fine-tuned Merchant of Venice is serious comedy"
Theatre review, Isthmus

June 2007

"Girls' Night Out - Why We Come Here bellies up to the bar"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"It's Curtains for You - Wisconsin Wrights offers productions to three playwrights"
Theatre review, Isthmus

May 2007

"Hell to Pay - Evil is fashionable in Dr. Faustus"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Musical Cheers - Mercury Players presents four inspired mini-shows"
Theatre review, Isthmus

March 2007

"Stage Q Changes the World"
Feature, Isthmus

February 2007

"I've Got a Secret - Anna Christie reveals all"
Theatre review, Isthmus

January 2007

"Family Sing-Along - Falsettos tunefully explores gay relationships"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Most Valuable Paintings" and "Hidden Treasures"
Cover feature, Isthmus

"Do-It-Yourself Detective - The audience plays crime-solver in Homicide for the Holidays"
Theatre review, Isthmus

December 2006

"Saving Scrooge - Strollers Theatre presents an alternative Christmas Carol"
Theatre review, Isthmus

November 2006

"Holiday Jeer - Broom Street celebrates A Very Bitchy Christmas"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Richard the Terrible - Strollers Theatre nails a Shakespearean villain"
Theatre review, Isthmus

October 2006

"The Next Stage - The Rep's New Play Festival develops masterpieces-in-progress"
Feature, Isthmus

"Classroom Confidential - The Faculty Room peeks into high school's sordid side"
Theatre review, Isthmus

September 2006

“Wood-fired Pottery: Feeding the Beast"
Firefox News

"Myth Busters" - Broom Street channels Gilligan and Bunyan in a clever hybrid"
Theatre review of Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale, Isthmus

"Laughing Through the Tears - Neil Simon goes to the dark side in Lost in Yonkers"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Heavy Petting - A man romances a dog in Sylvia"
Theatre review, Isthmus

August 2006

"Lower City"
Film review, Isthmus

"The God Squad - Broom Street Theatre serves up Southern-fried satire"
Theatre review, Isthmus

June 2006

"Fab four - Goodnight Irene pays homage to the Weavers"
Theatre review, Isthmus

May 2006

"Top drawers - Strollers Theatre looks great in Underpants"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Author! Author! - Mercury Players mounts a showcase for Wisconsin playwrights"
Feature, Isthmus

April 2006

"Occupationally challenged - Working with the disabled isn't easy in You Name It!"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"The Godfather of Green Bay"
Film review, Isthmus

March 2006

"For old time's sake - The Hotel Washington rises from the ashes in Fire Exit"
Theatre review, Isthmus

February 2006

"The thrill of it all - Leopold and Loeb kill for fun in Never the Sinner"
Theatre review, Isthmus

"Death by cow - A Wake details the moo-ving story"
Theatre review, Isthmus

December 2005

"Secret Santa - The Eight unvovers the North Pole's seamy side"
Theatre review, Isthmus

October 2005

"Learning the hard way - A teacher takes a touch job in The Miracle Worker"
Theatre review, Isthmus

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